Opia was established in 1999 by Biniyam Birhanu, Opia has not been created to create vacuum and bottlenecks, and also draws attention to customers and consumers on wedding postcards, gift bags, candles, and other stunning products.

Clients are so happy to have more choices. We keep them happy by creating new design regardless of size and colors. For those who need a brand new design that perfectly match the ceremony they are in, we are committed to do it as they picture it in mind.

We want to reflect and promote the beauty of our country, unique cultures, wisdom and generally national image through our works. We want to promote history and uniqueness of Ethiopia.


Provide us with better quality and value to our customers by working to show our culture, language, and values


Exporting our products abroad and becoming competitive and competitive in the international market and importing foreign currency into the international market.


Export of imported foreign goods and printing products to foreign countries by contributing their foreign currency to our country.

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Core Values


We are committed to providing quality service that will fulfill the needs of all our clients.

Time Saving

we value their time and we are committed to meet the time they needed it.